Nest of Terrorism

People are so excited about India Pak cricket match.A lot of speculations,discussions are going on constantly.News channels deluging with great players and anchors discussing off field on field feelings and excitements.How each player were motivated by the other one  across the  borderline!!! 

Same with movies, singers,actors and the list is endless 😇…Pak and India engaged in tremendous exchange of merits and culture…..

Terrorism has its roots in Pak,everyone knows.India is victimised by the terrorists everyday.Violence erupted at the kashmir valley and now has become  the crater of a volcano……..Army and police are ambushed and killed by savagely mutilating their face and body often.

Teenegers,schoolgoers are brainwashed in the name of religion to stone pelt and join the terrorist group sabotaging peace and prosperity of Kashmir….

Inhuman tortures and cowardly inhuman acts ,nurturing terrorist Pakistan is engaged into….It is the safe nest for the terrorists to function and carry out their savage plans waging proxy war like cowards….

Some of the countries  like U.S.A and China funding or has earlier funded the country without discrimination just to spread terrorism in the name of development of the nation….!!! Hope not so deliberately….but have some interest though….

Knowing everything they remain mum on the issue saying that’s a bilateral issue and they wont interfere earlier as well as at present too….

Its a human right issue too….Why are they funding Pakistan to nurture diabolic terrorism???

Terrorism is the issue the whole world is suffering from and they are supporting their abode of terrorism ie Pakistan!!!

Why human rights association do not intervene when everyday people are brutally killed without any reason? 

Why Pak is not boycotted by the total world community from everything so that democracy is saved? Dont they know that all the power lies in the hands of army and democracy is mere puppet show rickety and frightening….

We are all here to establish peace not sabotage it…so world community please come together and stand hand in hand to fight against terrorism.

“Peace can be achieved through dialogue”, is what every leaders say and go, right from U.N to each powerful country leaders,when they know the ground reality.Everything changed ,decades passed by but the dastardly and inhuman proxy war in the name of religion still goes on…

If Pak army is nourishing the poisonous snakes of terrorism in their burrows,their venom would spread in their own blood too….right???? All the world community and country be alert ,awake and strive to establish peace…

Now the time has come to act,if not now it would be never….The burning splinters of terrorism would not leave a single country untouched …..!!!! 

How do we all feel seeing the sufferings of Syria…our heart laments in agony..we feel so helpless being human beings seeing those file pictures of children ,women, men suffering the never healing wounds physically as well as mentally……Are we happy being human????? Stop before its too late… human wants to see blood shed of their fellow beings….



Women and Rurality

Women of rural places , though educated and have a brain ,choice and feelings of their own could not escape clutches of society easily,as in European countries and some urban cities.They are questioned about each and everything. Rurality is a bane not a boon sometimes so is conservative ideas of society.

Some societies are conservative in nature and are very criminal minded.

The girl knows if she moves out of the house alone in order to do something worth instead of rusting herself amidst four walls of a room,she would be looked down and face allegations .She hesitates hearing about routine incidents that might happen to her.  Whenever she switches on the television she would always hear about rape,acidattack,molestations,sexual abuse and many more unending things which have increased manifolds in recent time

Some people have odd mindset about women..They themselves would cloister their women and make them stagnate in the house but would stare other women as materialistic pleasure…..

Every women isn’t like that….some are women of substance.They behave differently and they could even be different in every aspect .Its very difficult for a woman to rust oneself and do not voice her feelings when she is capable of positive change.

Women of respectable families who have a say but are suprassed by circumstances and society could not ever come out with their plights .

If they do so they are branded as ” wrong kind a woman” or called slangs which is very derogatory and undignified.

Dignity and respect what women seek ,nothing more than that.Yes they need a secured life so that they can live fearlessly away from the chauvinistic society of creepy or brute predeators.

Women are expected not to voice anything ,just go on tolerating making her life a hell ,as that would bring good name to the family in society…..

Many women suffer but few come out with their problems …They are not that self sufficient or powerful enough to fight the male dominated society.(naturally they are created less powerful than men),eventhough they have higher forbearance……

She should not ask for freedom,she should not voice her feelings,she should not live her life on her own terms,she should not stand on her own feet,she should not explode her plights,she should not breathe……….without permission.


Beyond that….

Beyond that, firmament of fallacy lies the highest firmament of truth,

Beyond that,  planned fabricated spiderwebbed netted tales lies the unplanned saga of will of destiny, in between the stream of life and death,

Beyond that, entire selfcenteredness lies the burden of guilt,awakening of conscience waiting for the last breath,

Beyond that ,dry path of drought and chastisement ,lies the miracles of petrichor shoothing ,filling the fading senses and then drenching flood of fountains, creating life bringing mirth,

Beyond that imagination of torture ,suffering and pain of destiny lies the ultimate enlightenment surpassing unimaginable wreath,

Beyond that muscles ,bones ,blood and flesh nullifies the “desires inside dreams”

 ,as there lies the “supreme throne of the Lord” embedded in the soul, heavenly peace  illuminating underneath………….


Policies of the Ruling party


 Government exercises power according to the constitution,which regulates it’s day to day activities .Common people’s power is immense ,by the people,for the people ,of the people in a democracy.

We need to ponder and question ourselves who is powerful after the government has been chosen for the five years term? The party in power brings about drastic change in the name of implementing policies and meddle in day to day life of crude commoners. Everyone does not have white collared jobs,or are skilled labourers,or business tycoons,or government  job holders or elites,or ricksawpullers,or garbage collectors.

Some common people are in between.They are termed as middle class people.Neither they fit well with the rich elite classes nor with the lower section of the society.They are middle class but have a choice of their own.

They are the people who are affected to the core.

So ,in the name of policies, government meddles with the interest of common middle class in a terrible way sinking them deep necked.

Government and ruling party with absolute majority says whatever they are doing they are doing for betterment of the country.

I as a middle class commoner might diligently agree with the ruling party,when question of ones own country comes…..but simply altering policies at the cost of common people’s discomfort is no solution.

Suppose a school drop out guy makes his living through some minor paper work and filling forms .Now government policies transfers those work to some of the government officials or some other agencies recognised by the government,what will that guy do to earn both his ends meet?

Now this way most of the people of the society would be jobless,as everyone is not that qualified,or everyone is not skilled,or everyone cannot do such menial job,or everyone cannot go for any kind a job.

Now the govt also has a say over here,”we have instructed our banks to provide loans for setting up business,homeloan,personal loan and whatever shit loan”.

Do u think that guy who barely manages to earn a meagre meal would be provided with loan or do that guy has time to run everyday to bank to ask for loan!!!!

For asking loan from bank too,he has to have some penny in his pocket.

People say “Is govt responsible for each and everything”?

No for sure…..but govt should not bring about rapid changes in prevailing systems without making arrangement and rehabilitation and providing jobs….

Lakhs n lakhs are dying of unemployment,starvation,lack of medical attention,ill health because of meddling with prevailing system to outcast other political parties and to grip and exercise power more sternly n firmly to show “yes we are the great”.

Common people mostly middle class are under utter despair as elites n poor manages due to extraordinary riches and habits respectively

The middle class remains in “hangon” positions queing up either to meet the “d day “or a “good day” SOMEDAY.

Before a plan of  drastic swift alteration,govt should go for serious research work of that district and then look into the matter.

Its not those changes like social evil,or people believing black magic,untouchability or fundamental beliefs ruining the country,or corruption which needed to be addressed urgently .Middle classes has greater role to play always may it be French revoloution or any such birth of rebels.Rebels are born out of sufferings .First a fist of rebels are formed and are localised to certain area and then it grows gigantic multiple times towering over their sufferings.Everyone here in this world are dying for name,fame and money.Though namesake democracy is there,people were better under kings as they really cared about their subjects and their sufferings more. 

Democracy if becoming bitter for common people as meddling in their life bringing panic and sufferings to them then it loses its meaning.

I dont know how far I am able to justify my explanations but yes,we all need to focus on it instead of focussing to things which does not matter middleclass……..Before destruction of a dilapidated building ,pillar it and construct it,to save the  ground floor of the building as it had sheltered as a roof to many………

I know everything is interconnected,might be government policy making decisions at present would yield fruits after ten years, by that time those people would starve to death,it wont be scribbled down in history might be ,no rebels will take birth to challenge the decision,but the sufferings would be heart wrenching,bloody and a saga of death.

No one would be responsible,everything would be latent ,silent and gone with the waves.

Think before you make policies

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Curly Love

  • When straight hair was so much in trend,Rihan use to die for my feathery brown,curly,whirly hair.The curliness was twirly,fluffy,feathery,cottony and volumnous and Rihan use to say”Your hair speaks”!!! Heyy I have heard till days eyes speaks,silence speaks,soul speaks but hair never ever.
    I was amazed to see the syncronization of my curly bits of hair with Rihan’s love and caress. It would curl and furl automatically more in his presence and swirl down my cheeks ,he would notice the most unnoticeable and jump all of a sudden with twinkle in his eyes”heyy,my gal see your curls speaks.”I would grow red and shy away. When Rihan was away for army training I would wait for him  in the porch feeling the carass of the breeze playing with my curls and furls and I would suddenly start missing him.The porch was full of furly climbers shading it as my curly hair!!!!ooops! He use to say me ,”Pearl, Do not tie your hair ,let the breeze play with it ,it would reinstate my presence”.”Be simple as you are,never change.”” Never go ever with make up,I relate to your original,raw,wild ,innocent, beauty of inner self”.Previously, I was not sure about his intimacy and intricately woven feelings with my wavy,curly hair but gradually I too started feeling such.I have noticed ,when he would admire me and there would be bit chance of his arrival after long time ,my curls would respond.It would get more curly,fluffy and pour down enigma to my face”.He would always say “pearly your curly hair reciprocates your love more than you do”!!! I would die to hear this statement from him.The curls disappered when I was sick,very much depressed or feeling utmost low in separation,  when he was far-far away from me.Might be some hormonal changes coinciding  coming to play with my extreme emotions for my loverboy that time. I would think so……but the mystery continues….
  • Lovely curls,folds,fluffy hair my curls my love is just because of you Rihan…….
    • I remember once Rihan said,”Pearl do not  go for styling at Loreal beauty salon as your naturally endowed curls are far better than any artificial styling “.I wanted to make him stunned by my styled up looks from loreal salon .I would look like a star whose aura would keep him stunned sweep him away of his feet in astonishment ,entice him even more ,totally eyecandy for everyone around me ,my friends,my pals,my neighbours,my kiths n kins but as I sent five ,six selfies of mine anticipating a total effect of mysterious magnetic enticement ,a  dark shadow casted over him by me ,he shouted and yelled me over the phone totally what I thought opposite to…….Instead of cascading him by my hair style seduction I let myself in utmost trouble….!!!His voice breaking in sadness and he was losing his cool and I was at a loss of words.”The wavy clouds gone” what he  said to me!!!!So I said the curls you love not me!!!! We have come very far in our own lives with different priorties but some memories hangs on holds us on till we are gone.I still cherish each and every bit may it be his attachments with my”curls “…….He is gone with the flow of time…..My curls too have bidded me adieu forever….still I have fond memories fragmenting my heart now and then filling my senses with the mixed aroma of masculine perfume and cigerette …..which is not there any more but he would always be there as the abstract aroma in my sixth sense……holding me in tight embrace.#hair#younme #bonobology

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Life of an Indian girl with endometriosis

Katrina (katty) ws bubbly,cherubic ,lively apart from her endometriosis which she has inherited from her mother, the gift of ignorance which ultimately became her gift of endurance.She was very fussy going to school since she was thirteen all those four days where the infirmatory head of her school scolded her often ,and unwilling to help her much when she wailed on like a pariah and then all of a sudden suggesting her “do not come to school all these period days”.  

Katty was very sporty in every sense.She participated in long jumps,races,hurdles,400 m dash and alwayz stood first or second in her life .She didnt know she would be under the evil clutch and  grip of a chronic disease .

It was painful,she tried to explain in bits to her mom,but as conservative Indian parent she would instruct her to shutup revolving her big eyes, and then whisper in her ear”every woman tolerates ,just increase endurance level ,it would go away as soon as you are married”.

When she married Mick as an escape route from her economically backward home on her own choice without a ceremony, she was totally abandoned from both the sides of the family ,her own and her inlaws.

Mick had to go for earning bread and butter and never tried to establish any physical relationship with katty. It was  in the year 2002. She had a vague opinion about physical relationship.She thought ,It was her physical inability  of being a female.Her feminity was a challenge for her.

The pain aggravated,she was left to stagnate ,die and work and  work all domestic chores in her inlaw’s house.

Her hormonal imbalances started affecting her temper,moreover her better half not getting physical and accusing her for it.These all setbacks ,frustrations of many unfulfilled desires one example of it is not being able to wear even marriage gown and not being a part of such a grand ceremony of self celebration and to add fuel to fire ,hormonal disturbances ruining and devastating her .She was hysterical.

She implored everyone bending on her knees ,no one believed her,she stagnated whole one year ,went through rough and raw wrong diagonosis which completely took her to dark sick bed where no one to look after,except her name sake husband who could only care and  take utmost care earning bread anf butter simultaneously when she is sick but could not fulfil any physical desire as a husband ,which was unknown to her .When she stopped all her movement,started vomiting all through the day , stopped eating anything ,that very hubby of her raised fund for her to take  her to higher institute for treatment.There the doctors treated her through laparoscopy surgery and put her in depoprovera for two long years.She was frequent visitor to  the renowned hospital  and  medical college  complaining about her endless pain.The medical team could not even think of the trauma she was passing through at the young age of 21. They would need an answer” yes or no”, they would go for surgery of all her reproductive organs.She would not.She was a bio science student understood every nitty gritty of organs and their functions specially the ovaries till there’s some cancerous growth.Her biopsy showed she had no endometriotic cancer.

Depoprovera has its own great side effects .Katty was young ,still had lot many dreams and castles yet to be built by her in air .She was totally in paralytic condition in bed for three years ,slowly regaining her momentum to relive the  zeal for life.

One fine day she started walking,next day she forwarded her resume to a nearby convent school, in that tinsel town.She was called by the Principal “Father” over there,she hid her illness thoroghly bagged up the job!!! Lo !!! She was happy.

But her inlaws accused her of not yielding a baby from the so called feminine machine without knowing the fact that how endometriosis challenges her feminity.She alwayz felt injured deep down  in her organs .She had no desires anymore. She thought her Mick was  a great man who don’t use his wife only for physical needs.

Her life was messy,no marital life ,only normal care, trust ,being there for each other for the society.Endometriosis sucked and engulfed her fully.

One fine day she had a talk with one of her ex boy friend and mentor ,a childhood friend just on a ” hi and a hello “note that’s  it but they  started talking emotional things thereafter.  He suggested her homeopathy and some essential oil treatments .She started online medicines .katty was happier than before.He use to care her,think about her,love her,started meeting her and then started getting physical with her promising her that he would beg borrow and steal for  her to be happy with lofty promises.Her endometriosis shrinking,Her hormones started becoming normal,she was desiring him and was in tremendous love with him.Her digestive system,kidney,jammed circulatory system all working.She was flying like a bird till her wings were clipped,then cut off by her ex as he was already married,had a son ,never took her serious enough,just a time pass.So he clipped her wings . When her  husband Mick  who had a major problem with his being physical (suffering from some birth defect) knowing everything chopped her wings in pieces forever.

All of a sudden she groaned in pain,she was very much in depresseion,tried to kill herself several times but in vain.Her endometriosis pain gradually aggravated.She would wail,vomit,cry,get senseless but the pain would not diminish.She wriggled,she  gasped for breath as if her heart would choke ,the pain would as if burst her nerves of head and abdomen.

People would suggest “go for surgery” .She would lament in agony all her life a zilch had not been fulfilled,neither bodily desire,carassings and affection of a real love,nor an ofspring from her own womb along with great accusation of being a barren woman ..without minimal intimacy required to get impregnated.Now people curse her.How she would prove being an Indian ,cultured and conservative woman where boldness in all this  is so taboo , and things aint so easy .Her desires ,wishes,soul and body only  reacts ,responds and reciprocates  to one  and only Ryan.But he was very much virtual, elusive,indifferent in his attitude.He is more of a selfish stuff……

Katrina was beautiful,everyone admired her,she was apple of every man’s heart whom she knew.Her students would talk about their crush on her,her class mates and some neighbours would disclose about their first lady love which was she. She would feel horribly sick.She had endometriosis ,she had a caring hubby who had his physical limitation but wanted to keep it latent to the society ,she had a cheater man in her life who is a first class game player,bloody fucker ,morone whom she only desires (Ryan ) and her biochemistry, hormones,desires all synchronizes to him but he was on his own world .She was financially shattered and she was sick….she could not get up.Endometriosis is the disease she lives with. A blooming flower withered so pathetically.Once she heard her ex boy friend whom she loved and trusted so much said “endometriosis is a STD (disease), it would bring bad name to him,”the people of the place where once they used to stay,might think he was physical with her from mere childhood days so she had acquired  this disease”.  She could not trust herself when he went on babbling all this over phone,that guy he use to die for her took her  medical condition to such a level being so educated.She felt devastated ..phew…Is this the society? What ,If she would have been from a masculine gender ,what she would have done even for any of  her distant friend? 

Only she could think all these clear honest ,humane things as she was suffering the dreadful disease and no one else, not even Ryan her childhood love whom she trusted so much! She could not do anything.She was physically very much unwell,devastated,dependent ,financially zilch,morally shattered and had no other options than caging her life till last breath totally segregating herself from the society………

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Marriages of differences….intercaste,inter-religion etc

  • Marriage is a contract,a limitation ,a treaty whereas love isn’t.There are lot of instances when people have to negotiate, sacrifice to  keep their marriage intact in every sense as there are lot of people from different diversity,caste ,community   and religion.Majority are very conservative and goes hush hush about keeping marriage intact.At present scenario there are more intermingling  marriages and people are adapting very well. Children are adapting and growing in a mix culture and various new things are imbibed by them along with their genetic constitutions.They learn a mixture of cultures associated as well as grow a greater sense of adaptibility and tolerance along wth additional languages.Apart from that those children are very different in their behavioural pattern. Intercaste ,inter religion,intercontinents ,intercountries etc marriages are not so easy as it seems in deeper sense.It’s a nightmare for those  couples who are poles apart in their ideologies,upbringing,educational background,ethnicity,race habit and culture.They dont stand up to each other’s expectation. They move with the burden of untogetherness inspite of being a couple ,a burdensome life in their heart of hearts but merely act out to the world merrymaking in love alwayz couple. They suffer huge within not able to disclose the uneasiness in themselves.Neither  his or her partner nor the kid satisfy each other’s expectations of dream qualities they have set as bench marks in their mind.They remain unsatisfied,low and frustrated and injured within by  each other’s behabiour or mannerisms  which they had adorned and infused in their heart   ideal about their partner or kid .Things between them are always haphazard and hold lot of latent grudges which are inexplicable and complex. They remain  very much unsettled with restlessness cursing one’s destiny constantly leadig to a condition of a lonely sufferer of the figments of ones imagination of a life partner and kids. No one can break the idol he or she has created about them ,which is unfeasable indeed ,so for them ,life has to offer something in contrast drowning all the qualities deep inside in thoughts restored and unfulfiled ,unsatisfied,thirsty and lonely.
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Mind n soul


Dont ask me for  the sake of askin n formality How I Am? Dont show for mere showcasing your concern for me for I hate those things of brain, trying to gain sympathy,an attitude for becoming famous ,most talked and discussed about..If you really and genuinely care for me ,come into my soul ,immerse your feelings in mine..let me live the seconds left .Let me enjoy my moments for humans are mortal..Let me breathe you, live you as If nothing exist but only you ,let me feel u ,who knows I might rejuvinate and resurrect from all my fears,misfortunes,wrinkles illusions of darkness!!!Be my that empathiser be my that life which gives me immense pleasure like heaven.I know, but your intention towards me is selfishness to the utmost level.You cannot love as you love the selfishness around you.I am as if asking life from the dead,illuminations from the darkest of dungeons,spirituality from the most notorious moron.

If you are complex,hypocrite and selfish you cannot love anyone.If you only can love your own  ones and not the entire mankind,creatures you cannot love.Love does not follow reservations,limitations ,rules and regulations at your ease.

I love like a rivulet ,I giggle like a flower,I fly like a bird and swim like a fish.There’s no limitation of feelings for me.I have learnt to burn like a candle without a hesitation.

For loving me you have to touch that very depth and height for I again say If you are drowned in self complacency of ego,selfishness , I would not leave my principle and suprass my ferari mind of selfintrospection.

For peace of soul leads to peace of mind.Nourishing peace to the soul engulfs all your aches and injuries leading to peace of mind which is quintessential part of surviving and which is so elusive!!!

Celebrating one self ,considering yourself very much important from your own perspective sitting alone like a “solitary reaper” could bring back the lost confidence  which you have lost due to a great derogatory behabiour or deliberate insultation to demean you which most of the human does to their fellow beings.


Sweet n sour lemonade

                    He took me to the corner seat of a restaurant ,eased me.Took my warm hands ,whispered myriads of things.He fetched me lemonade sweet and sour which we interchanged often. We went on sipping almost imbibing each other in our corpuscles.I gifted him a raw mango and a lemon which I carried for him from kolkata to Bangalore. His eyes deluged in briny water which I thought to kiss and drink but it was  a public place.Oh god!!!oops , we Indian girls have to keep our original emotions at a bay even though our heart sinks down.It was a meeting after two full years only for an hour and I wanted to use every bit and inch of it.He said”You care for such small things and people who are there in my life let big things pass by without any zilch of feelings”!!!. I was sure he loves me the most.I wanted to cling him by his fist ,never let him go.I went on staring him but not a single second  he stared back to reciprocate me.Other people he was referring to his wife whom he say he has married due to compulsion and I was his childhood love whom he dropped as an option whenever he wished.I could think nothing beyond him.I was  in the era of Radha and krishna the blind unflinching love.All was just a magnificient dream which passed in a short span. we were both in our own domain exchanging not even a phone  call ….huh!!!Yeah the same one who use to say………”You are my oxygen”!!!! 

He has settled himself fully with those whom he showed he admonished so much that even his emails and phone numbers had both of their and son’s  birthdates5724.Such is the height of his fake love…