If you believe in miracles,telepathy and sixth sense…..

Miracles often happen and I do believe in that supernatural potency of that super power Almighty!Science might not be able to aptly answer about miracles,telepathy,sixthsense but these all really exist.

Urban people might laugh it out loud and discard all meagre supporting logic.Rurality does not need logic ,they all go together with the flow…..

There are few instances and perceptions

If you believe your soul,you get vibes and lo!!! It happens.Just you need to believe the most incredible!

If your belief is firm,if you love to that deep extent things would not take fractions of seconds for transmission even if you are poles apart,separated ,segregated and not connected for years and months.The body,neurotransmitters, the pitutary gland ,the hypothalamus, the cells ,the neurons and the cell sap all would sync to render you messages like a messiah ,god sent angel conspired to turn your beliefs true and real.

But the feelings should and must be genuine and deep seated for each other.

Mostly we have that rhythmic tuning with our blood related ones ,the most of all with mommy,then daddy,grand parents,sibling or children.Our lovers or spouses are not blood related though initially but if we have a genuine deep feelings the sixth sense,the telepathy and miracles will all be exceptionally active and come to effect.We cam say they are target oriented.we have to feel that deep for that specific person emotionally.

I once heard from some strangers while discussing effects of miracles on a train journey.One of them said ,when her mother was dying ,she got the telepathy in the form of sudden hail storm,darkness and restlessness whole night.Few friends said they get the telepathy in the form of intutions about their offsprings.Some said they get some signals in dreams too!!!

  • Some says ,they feel telepathy through a kind of evil negative effect atleast for a couple of days in the form of vibes as if some warning of misfortune.There are many such instances in all of our lives.If we sit with pen and paper atleast ten points can easily be scribbled by every individual.Do not confuse it with co-incidents,as they too are small bit part of a gigantic miracle which remains abstract.

Yes I do agree, that miracles do occur..once I was in severe pain, which made me thrive in disharmony and made me untamed and I was submitting to a slow death inch by inch out of emotional voidness and loneliness.All of a sudden I got a call from someone so close who not only could fill up the void crevices of my soul but could also infuse the energy to live ,love and imbibe life to the fullest whole heartedly.

combatted the negative energies and came out without a bruise .

We are not only connected strongly with all living things ,even we are connected to all nonliving things as well.For such supernatural things to happen you have to be that sensitive to feel .Every seconds we are blessed with miracles ,we are sent messages directly from that Almighty ,the whole system of our body is in synchronization with the biotic and abiotic factors ,receiving and sending signs ,imbibing and releasing signals.We need to pick them and recognize them and thank the Almighty. If your heart and soul can pick up those supernatural signals you feel that you are very close to the Almighty.For that you should have clarity in your soul.The soul should not be under any confinement of narrow ideologies.

There are rays sent to us from every nook and corner of the vast universe.We need ample leisure to concentrate and think about it and then grab those signals might be in bits .As we are  connected to our relatives kiths and kins some or the other way ,the same way we are part of a cycle as Krishna showed to Arjuna while showing him his” viswaroop” in Gita.

We have a connection deep rooted with whom we love intensely .we have connections with everything existing in this universe some or the other way lesser or greater depending on how we take things soulfully.Even enimity is also a connection as friendship is!!The greatest of enemies sometimes are best of friends at some point of life.

Believe and it would surely happen,if your faith stays unadulterated ofcourse and you don’t have narrowness of heart ,mind and soul.

Stay human  first ,help others.Remove all complexities of soul’s shallow narrowness.


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Advice always don’t fit everyone

A lot of people talk of broad mindedness or adoption of children to the childless woman.

There are many stars who adopted children from orphanages.Angelina Jolie and Sushmita Sen are examples.For them ,it’s quite easy,they have means and money ,though they created by themselves.

Ashiyan was often adviced to adopt as she was childless,alone and lonesome.She didn’t have so called means and money to raise.Moreover tough paperwork made her move away from all such things.Even if she meets all these issues somehow she has a unknown sharp piercing pain in her heart.

The pain was not so much of not being mother.If you all want to know her difficulty you have to think hard and ponder putting yourself in her place.

She was allured to marry by a guy at the age of twenty-two after seeing each other for just a couple of months.Though it was so called” love marriage” her marriage was not consummated.She was given some or the other excuses day by day.She could not just think in her dreams that the guy would have some problem.She always allegated herself and questioned her own  feminity .She gradually fell ill and she was accused by him and her inlaws challenging her feminity. Gradually as she was aging ,she had all that wisdom which she had not earlier .Experience leaded her to a conclusion.She use to think that guy is next to god as he leaves her every night at ease during her younger days when she was extremely sick.But as days passed by ,he started being abusive and tortorous.He would not touch to beat her up or thrash her or love her but he would injure her with filth of verbal expressions.

She was feeling strangulated.She wanted an escape out of filth but she had nothing to do so.She had no one to be secure. She was penniless and highly helpless.She was classy ,subdued and mum.She could not come in terms with anything and everything.She wasn’t dashy or had that killer attitude.

She couldn’t share the society who would not believe her points at all.There was no one to step forefront and add a day of joy to her parched life.Even some grasses or thorns grow in desert during rains but she was mentally ,physically agonised and parched nearing to numbness .

Initially she kept mum about his debilities as she thought she herself was severely sick,secondly when she explored out the reality ,she feared if he kills himself out of trauma,so she dumbed herself deliberately.But when he went on oozing filth without reason every now and then she started moving to a state of hopelessness ,desperation,fear eventually sick and hugged deliberate depression segregating herself away from society and completely cornered herself.

She was often accused of her disabled feminity calling names and filth.If she ever retialated she was shut up by louder traumatised high voltage drama playing victim card quite smoothly oozing out filth.

She wanted an escape….she tried reaching every relatives,no one cared.She was away from all the practicalities and norms of the present scenario as she detached herself completely from everything. Nothing mattered her.

She laid down sad and expressionless day after night,night after day.Sometimes some unavoidable situations would make her plastic smile cover up every tough situation.

She would go on seeking her silver lining amidst of cloud.Fifteen long years passed and she did not find any solace ,still waiting for her day….awaiting soul ,awaiting blessings…..

She could not adopt,she wanted to feel each day how every new day marriage changes a woman’s life.She felt her life a curse.She started admonishing herself.She wanted to feel the sweet bondage of marriage step by step so that she could prepare herself even for adoption.What would she do with the child when she herself is in such a vulnerable state of  mental disbalance?

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Unanswered prayers,frustrations of being unloved,destiny and loss of childhood love un-nerved her.

She ceased to eat,rejoice and love slowly turning into rock ,hurt to the core.

Will he respond her telepathic call of distress? Will it reach him?She is in desperation. 

He cheated her and living his own life.She is dying a slow death.She is suffering from acute anemia.She has lost all interest and hope of survival. She has picked herself up several times he has cheated and distanced himself.

She waited for his return,but this time things are not at all falling to place.She is panickstricken and silently suffering her cruel fate.

How would she continue her life ‘s journey?Who would pick her up and gather her scatteted pieces?She had her mom and sister beside her.But she needed him.Previously her distress call of suffocation for him ,seeking him desperately would shook his static attitude and make him either rush to her or call her up to know how she was, from whichever part of the world he was in.Everything was so much connected. Here she would gasp for breath there he would go restless.Here she would be in utter despair,there he would seek her for a tight embrace .Here she would moan his name ,there he would be in tears missing her utmost .

But all of a sudden all those telepathy evaporated.She was so sick,needed him so very much but no ray of telepathy now unnerves or makes him restless for her.Not even a song of Manisha koirala,(whom he used to compare her) or Shahrukh khan in Tv channels (whom she used to compare him with)shook him!!!! He even did not have any impact by seeing the  places they both visited or the food they both took in the snaps posted in facebook….nothing at all!How even deep seeded feelings leading to telepathy diminishes to zilch day after day!!!

They were really supporting her to live and thrive. Her scattered broken pieces of soul restless to leave and bid adieu to the world.

Telepathy is a feeling,a connection and synchronization from heart to heart.Very few people whose love are soulful can experience the process of soulful telepathy, for which there should be soulful connections and unflinching trust and love.Even once when he was disloyal to her,her strong intuitions telepathied her of his deeds.She could feel a worst kind a palpitations in her heart.

When the connection and bondage would disintegrate there would be no telepathy anymore. Telepathy would get fainter ,he would  not at all get her vibes of  her distress call. Love cannot cease to flow,It’s infinite!!!Why deep seeded telepathic signals ends up? Does original love for each other ceases? 

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My venomous mentor

Some snaky ,deceitful mentor who didn’t shape her to creation but ripped her heart apart  towards her ultimate destruction,making it difficult for her to  breathe normally. She declares funeral of that mentor in her soul slowly, fading away all  his fake memories,  reinstating those fake love vouches which were once so  true to falsehood  permanently in heart ,mind ,soul ,bones and blood,as it is proved by his actions and deeds. All dreams knitted together turned  to hideous phantasma,and at last she writes obituatory of the living mentor in facebook proclaiming his death inspite of the fact he is living …… Such was the extent of her heartache!!!

What do you say about this guys? Can you feel the extent of heartache!!! Anyone please do comment.

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 When,Mirror images are the biggest foe

  • Sometimes those who made you ,created you , becomes the hard diabolic enemy to bring your complete anhilations ,so that you are hurt to the core ,aggrieved ,vulnerable and seek their support and you become the puppet in their hands out of adverse circumstances of a tremendous deserted feeling and they pull and push your string according to their whimsical will.

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  • DO NOT GET SURPRISED……If you are not facing might be someone else is facing.So without passing your judgement just try and place yourself in that same situation,you will not get surprised.These persons could be your very close ones. Today’s materialistic world you do have a tough competition and fight your day to day survival even with your closest parts.Again I say do not get surprised when I say ,those people might be  :-

  1. Your Parents : (for fulfilling their needs they might or extract you for other siblings as per their request or order moving  far away from reality ,exploit to the brim.)
  2. Your own Siblings:  ( extreme envy,materialistic ideology, Property,Pshychological issues,to belittle and crush the existing image of the so called victim ,establishing own supremacy)
  3. Your Friends : (Friendship is just showy purpose for them ,no internal touch in between them,actually they hate each other  utmost profoundly, chamouflaging “oh what happened!!!”as if care is deep seeded and infinite but in reality what has mishappened is greatly rejoiced in the heart of hearts by them with a hush hush giggle)
  4. Relatives,kiths and kins : (Always they keep their face swollen up, with wretched smile ,cunningly bitching this and that ,mostly seeks gossips about own family members and spread rumours to outside gossipmongers out of devilish attitude of grabbing an innocent prey who is helplessly trapped in a grave situation.They are usually dead during need but superactive during maligning and tarnishing image feeding their cruel soul)
  5. Your husband or boy friend: They too leave no stone unturned to injure you mentally,trodding your dreams and aspirations nullifying your value.

Your own children:    Of course if you have them (  for property,  due to aging ugliness,burdensome life ,  take them as unwanted , garbage ,filth disrupting life.  Burdensome responsibility fulfilled in irresponsible ways and it goes on and on…….)

Please comment your feelings about it.

      The honey dew LIES.

      The ringing phone would skip her heart out of her body,she would leave everything handy to pick up the call,the only hope,the sweetest mirage.

      Monica in anticipation would pick up the call and Ryan would say”It’s great we are back together,you are in my corpuscles,in my nerves,I would beg ,borrow and steal to stay together and make you happy with our offspring ,who would have your complexion and my intelligentia”.

      She would giggle like a flower ,and her joyous cocophony would reach him.

      He would call innumerable times,day and night ,and she would be in seventh heaven dreaming ,anticipating and desiring all incomplete dreams she has knitted with Ryan when both were at their teens.

      Ryan was speaking to Monica after eight long years .He has his wife Kim and his son Timothy who cannot speak and hear.

      Monica broke her engagement with Ryan when he was away for officers’ training at Dehradun ,Indian Military Academy. She had lot of adverse situations in her family and she was not able to cope up with.She called Ryan for immediate help,but Ryan could not understand the intensity of the problems she was confronting.

      Monica thought Ryan won’t ever be able to take her responsibility ,so she married  someone else ,more because ,she thought he could be the most responsible guy and he could be her escape route from her unbreathable situation.

      She married Rahul, but due to some birth defect or some other factors  of Rahul ,their marriage was only in pen and paper ,it was not consummated.

      They adjusted,stayed together,faced all difficulties together.Inspite of that they hid each other’s feelings and desires and never trespassed their personal arena.

      In the mean time Ryan caught her up once in facebook ,and they enlivened each other’s lost love and sharing their respective stories.

      Ryan would say ,” His life would have been totally different if she would have been there in his life”!!! She would hear him,feel him,repent,lament and sob with him over the phone.

      Whole day and night whenever they would be free from each other’s  spouses they would outburst their incompleteness,rage,extreme emotions and come close.

      Monica would call him to meet her.He would cover more than  two hundred kilometers just to see a glance of her.Then gradually he would settle for a day or a two in her house when her husband was out or plan out for short tour and shared their intimate moments.

      He would often say ,” How desperate I am, to leave that bitch ,Kim and turn her out of my life.” He would say ,”you are my real love and she is just a fuckin material,and nothing else”.

      Then he would add,” she has pissed my life,I survive and breathe because of you Monica.”

      Monica trusted him ,believed him .Her love was blind.He would always stay in touch keeping both of their phone connected ,day and night,night and day .

      Monica would ask him when does he go for his office or job ,he would stop her saying ” everything is operated from home”.

      He would always complain about his wife and say , ” The child birth was a fluke,I hate her to such an extreme level that I ,never go close to her or touch her”.”Moreover she has a skin disease too”,he would add up to make it more intensely trustable by Monica .She would rely blindly.

      Kim worked in a call centre  ,eight hours out of home ,might be more.He would use every bit of the time to create sensation with Monica ,virtually over the phone,and practically he would be intimate with his wife Kim when she returns ,a very henpegged ,obedient husband  indeed!!! He would excite himself sensuously talking to Monica and would sizzle in his sex life with Kim,breaking the monotony of eight years of married life. So Monica would act like a catalyst to keep the sex obsessed wife kim happy by Ryan’s sly efforts.

      Ryan would say ,” My wife tortures me to the extreme level.She is indescent and ambitious. When Monica would ask him,”what kind of indecency you are talking about Ryan?”  He would say ,”While we are in bed ,she actually leads,and goes to wild extent!” Monica would feel shy as she is very calm and gentle kind .She would feel helpless sometimes .She would feel  of  losing her confidence in her gentle ,decent feminity. She would often ponder , “What does my man want from me?”  

      “kim, had been brute and cruel to my parents and married me for the sake of property”, Ryan would cry out in despair often. Monica would feel sad for everything that has happened to him because of her.She would be filled up to the edge with guilt.She wanted to accept change  and grab the god sent oppurtunity instantly .Ryan would take her to the world of imagination but would not go real ever,he knew it very well. Monica expected the most realistic thing like a way farer in desert ,asking water from a mirage to quench the thirst of incompleteness.
      During the time of festivals  he would switch her off at his ease for two and a half months without any contact ,all of a sudden.

      After that when he would feel like he would switch her on saying ,” she tortured me so much ,that I poisoned myself ,landed to a hospital for months “. Monica would cry and sob and get sick ,thinking about him.She is so helpless on the other side he would comfortably lodge himself in the cosy comfort of Kim’s arm, his wife’s arm. Monica would not understand.She would try all her possible means to reach him but in vain.This way he would switch on and off according to his ease and give varying innumerous illogical witty reasons of his disapperance.

      If Monica would try to argue with him,he would again move into hibernation mode. For Monica he was the source of her breathing.She was guarded by four walls of her house situated in far flung areas ,uninhabited by people in the woods.

      She had no other alternative other than Rahul to stay with.Day by day ,they were getting far in their ideologies and picking up vigorous fight.Monica would feel time is flying,she would try to accomplish everything and live a normal life with a loving husband and a child of her own. She would often feel deserted for a kid,a consummated marriage,a husband in real sense,companion of every single and minute things .Basic things are so much elusive for her!  This is difficult to digest for her.
      On the other side Ryan would promise her,vouch on his son’ s name and go on framing story of  dew covered honey lies to her. She would wait for a day when all her sufferings would come to a halt forever and she would live a superactive life ,as other woman lives.
      Ryan would tell her”Hey baby,do not be morose, I would settle down with you and my son .We would have our baby too .we would fly to a distant land and live happily ever after,far away from incompleteness,agony and sufferings”.
      He would all of a sudden call Monica in weird hours to hear her voice and say ”  “Come on babes, tell me those three magic words fast”. She would be elated and whisper the proof of her idiosyncracy in his ears over the phone. 

      This way five years had alreaady passed by and  from him there was not a single promise being kept.Monica would feel wretched but she had insecurities,despair and hopelessness in her heart of hearts.She feels herself unfortunate enough not to get the basic things of  life.

      For Monica ,it was tough going.One day she took commitment from Ryan .He fixed a date that after 16th of August ,he would be free as his wife is going for a mutual divorce.He said his wife has a boyfriend Augustine ,whom she is going to marry. When Monica asked him  about Timothy his son,he said he would claim him later from the court.He would very lightly say,”that’s not an issue.” Monica knew Ryan’s heart stays in Timothy. So she ensured about him.

      He would call up Monica and say, ” How happy I am ,that Bitch gonna leave me forever,She has used her son as a pawn.”  “She treated me like a money minting machine”.” She is responsible for ruining me and killing my parents bereaving them of all happiness”.

      Monica would cry with him feeling his immense pain.He would show her his lunch plate and say” see how she puts lunch for me,as if she is serving to street dogs,all filth she serves”.” I don’ t get to eat homely food after my mom left me for her heavenly abode”.See Monica” I am on medication,all this stress lead me to nerve disorders”,he would say. Monica would pray and vigorously fast for his recovery.
      Monica would become dumb stuck and feel so sorry for him.

      He would make her emotional, crack a joke to make her smile,create sensation admiring her.She would float in imagination far far away from the reality.

      When she would sometimes be very angry and adamant smelling his fishy mannerisms and start declining his calls ,he would threaten”If you do not take my call ,I would disclose everything to your husband”.  He did that too calling and messaging every thing creating and filling admonitions to the last extent in Rahul’s heart when Monica ,once did’nt receive his incessant calls.

      She would beg Rahul to keep her,she would regret ,lament  falling on her husband’s knee  but he would go more unadjusting making her life a hell.Then after one full year when things though ugly was just settling  between Rahul and Monica, Ryan entered like a tsunami blowing  a death ringing call and said , “sweetheart ,I love you,I did that so that he leaves you and we both move together.” Again Monica falls in the trap.

      These goes on for “more than several ” times ,still Monica remains dumb,deaf and blind.She never wanted to confront the reality of Ryan.She was afraid to visualise his dark hideous phantasma like appearance.She was basking in complacency of her Ryan’s love and smiling sometimes thinking of Ryan’s lovely words” baby ,my baby ,baby stressing on baby splitting honey drops lies pleasing n ethereal.She waited and waited in anticipation all her life,she just wanted only a bit of his moments just for her,only her.She loves no one other than him all her life.

      This way Ryan would manipulate,manage and mishandle the relationship as he wished.Not only over phone in voice call,he would be in message box,whatsapp,fake id’s of facebook,viber,lines,skype,imo everywhere he would ensure his diabolic presence in Monica’s life who was an epitomy of innocense for the sake of Ryan’s love ,blindly.

      He would sometimes frame a solid story ,present before his wife and she would witch hunt Monica everywhere to insult her like a predeator.Monica would fear and stay mum suffering bit by bit.She would feel headache,nauseatic and ill often. 

      Ryan used to come to her once in a blue moon ,might be in six months once. She won’ be able to mother atleast a kid that way,as minimum intimacy required to be impregnated was missing.A kid who would somehow make her feel significant in absence of that disloyal man ,she had in her life.She started smelling Ryan’s dualism.

      He would keep his family safe but gradually dislodging Monica who had no one in the world except Rahul ,who atleast sheltered her.

      Monica would try to call him,when he would disappear suddenly and she could hear,”The person  you are trying to reach has either switched off or not available at this moment”. She would go on calling for years but no response.

      Monica would try to catch him or his wife’s facebook Id from a dummy Id but could not trace him,as he deactivated his account. His  wife had publicly shared her family snap shot ,  all three happily clicking togetherness in a beautiful fort far away from Kolkata to a new city ” Hyderabad”.A happy ,prosperous family with their pet altatian and his father in law staying with them.All have accomodation in his life except the girl who looked up to him and trusted him so much.

      Monica was speechless,numb and nauseatic.She was feeling so  very much disgraceful inside. How this people cheat someone so easily !!! She could not believe herself.She was just like a lifeless statue no one to hold on.Her emotions ,sensitivity lead her nowhere.Is this manly? These sweet lies dont have proof or cannot be legally fought for.But she want justice in her heart of heart.She feels her life as a curse.Some are physically not a man and some are soulfully not a man.Either of the thing is dangerous but soulfully if someone isn’t a man that’s more dangerous!!! 

      He was same who left his most desired army officer job before passing out parade as Monica was not in his life.He was the same who waited for hours for her glance.He was the same who rushed for medicines when she use to cry like a baby in pain.She was in tears sobbing all day. She could not believe the ground she was standing on.It was all convulsions.She knew not how to gather herself.So many fond memories haunting her soul and mind.Why do people play such sly games even with those who genuinely loves them? 

      His honey dewed lies reverberates and rings her in the ear,she gets horrified,a chill runs through her spine and nerves.She is shaky,total nervous breakdown She could not rise up anymore ,she slips,skids,falls.She is deeply demolished.

      All the girls ,please don’t get driven by your emotions.You can be badly played down by this sly fox kind a people in lamb’s attire.Believe only yourself .Do not blindly fall in love or trust blindly.Your life too matters.Understand your significance as well.Don’t quit for a sly fox…..

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       Prayer ,River and pyre

      Hello everyone,This is quite an intense thought of a woman, whose life is full of sufferings and obstacles..In these lines she is reciprocating  to her inner self .She is in confused state of mind and waiting for an eternel bliss in the form of cold water which would heal her burning body and soul,and offer “Moksha”(salvation)from her deadly sufferings. Her burning smoky heart has turned already to ashes and fumes, out of terrible bitter tortures of the world.She had been in darkest of the dungeons doing nothing but pray for decades,years and months. She talks to her soul about the last ritual to be conducted by distant relatives when she passes away and pray to mother Ganga to provide her sereneness,tranquility and redeem her from all sufferings of life- death cycle .Her life had been under such turmoil of ghastly pathetic occurances that she even wants to soothe her lifeless agonised body and soul  drenching herself with the holy water of Ganga so that her renaissance purges her towards “moksha” All the curse evaporates to welcome her to heaven in bliss……

      .Om shanti,om shanti,om shanti……….
                           PRAYER PYRE

                              PRAYER RIVER

      Ganga, flood me,wash me,purge me with your calm coldness and keep me afloat in your waves ,for time immortal …..

      For I burn like charred, withered dry leaves inside ,so that my renaissance ,my Ganga  sublimes me  sure ,without denial………….

      For I seek and pray to offer myself in the “maya” of your waves ,but don’t desire for the pyre set ablaze, my morbid body in my funeral…..

      Hindu, by birth still seeks salvation in the watery arms,for I have prayed in scorch  and fire  for my redressal…..(mukti)
      Rain ,mist,dew ,snow flakes ,glaciers freeze  me to embed me in the river bed,for a peaceful renewel………

      For throw me not over the pyre,burning me ,even if I am dead,for my soul wants to dive in your divine water pacifying me to the ethereal……….. 


      Sources of inspiration,my experience in wordpress…..

      I have gone through lots of ups and downs of life and now I do think of penning down my experience about something which is perturbing me immensely making me restless till I write in my blog at wordpress….This is the immense insanity or impatience,or the kick or the passion which creates a” lil kinda” writer in me…..Teary eyed we start writing raining from droplets to shower from heavily clouded eyes,picking up our inspiration so that we can compose,meditate and have peace.

      Artist , creators, who showcase their creativity,a writer or whoever is so called” great men or women,” has  few things of intense inspirations  in them  which they write and which I feel to share with you all and  take the pleasure of sharing.When I go through different writer’s blogs of wordpress I am awestruck to find such!!!!

      They are inspired extremely by the beauty of nature,might be nature loving 
       Thay are inspired from their day to day  sufferings .They have suffered so much in life ,and are so much illtreated by the society ,by their fellow beings that they find solace from the plight of their sufferings in wordpress, writing their own experiences,seeking  n finding like minded ones,who does not hurt but pulls you out of such situations.Heart break inspire to write,those who had fresh breakups  have  their wounds bleeding and are in terrible need for healing up.A sufferer of chronic disease,fatal disease as well as narrow minded or selfish ,harsh society which creates negative ambience for that person to survive .Such people get inspiration to write from harshness.

      Sensitive ,emotional natured soft hearted people who are vulnerable to plights n trauma of  cruel ,smart ,sly people get injured easily and are cornered ,finds peace of mind writing blogs to sustain the process of breathing and gets inspiration from their  adverse situation…

      Inspiration from death or separation of a loved or dear one ,the irreparable loss from where its very difficult to come out…

      Some people are very much insane for their passions ,extremely passionate people find inspirations from unbridled passion.

      Love ,Romance, devoutee, Soulful,fascination,beauty and extreme unfulfilled cravings, incompleteness, desire,dreams n hopes gives that zeal to write their heart out in wordpress   

        Frustations, creepy feelings ,complexities,fear,insecurity,poverty,unemployment,politics,illfeeling,denouncements,sacrifice and numerous things  to enlist in extreme level can also become inspiration……

       Feelings occuring due to changes in life cycle,feeling of renunciation,difference of past ,present and future, philosophical,religiousness,self -introspection,theory of retrogative progression,regenerative regression,aggression,rebellion,awakening of soul,self-conscience,feeling of extreme guilt or a desire for unification with the soul n the inner soul reaching a level of higher attainment of wisdom n knowledge the higher self all these could be unknowingly your inspiration to write……After writing all these readers I must say without inspiration we cannot write substance,we cannot write soulful.This above picture is of Ramkrishna paramhamsha and his wife Sharada devi.To know about them and their insanity leading to enlightenment ,one has to be truly eccentric.You have to sink deep down to know the roots of everything.Superficially things could be done but it wont have that depthness.So friends whatever you are doing you have to do it in depth,get insane n crazy.If you aint crazy ,You aint doing anything worthy.If you really want to live to the full forget me,myself,mine….broaden your soul,mind ,innerself to that height of sky and depth of sea…..

       I love you wordpress as you make my life simpler and makes me creative instead of pushing me to dark walls where I only use to think of that ,it was the end of life but wordpress was the silver lining at the end of the dark cloud .I do am grateful to my sister who introduced me to wordpress. I also am thankful to all the writers and society of wordpress who always inspired me to move ahead without having any ill feeling. Thankz a lot I am learning from you too. We all have pain,we all are hurt but one has to move ahead constructively with that spirit “lets move on”,shedding all inhibitions “lets live”.


      Comparisons n healing

      My originality  does not fade away,His plasticity does not wither away……How would the two sides of the same river meet?

      My truthfullness,honesty n integrity never dessicates,His disloyalty, lies n dishonesty accumulates as high as mountains as deep as oceans…..How would the two sides of the same river meet?

      I am as bright as the daylight ,he is as dark as the  “new moon night,”….How would the two sides of the same river meet?

      I am ruled n reigned by my soul n conscience,He is empowered n governed by his crafty brain at his ease,…..How would the two different sides of the same coin meet?

      I am a “lil” innocent dove (dodo bird)

      ,he is the sly wolf ready to swallow my gut(love)..How can a greedy hunter be the saviour of it’s prey? 

      So heal heal heal…from the agony my heart….let all things be calm,serene ,composed…….n  flash beautiful mirth n glee….


      As oyester changes a soil particle to the ever shining white pearl,let me heal n change those who come in my soul…..

      May I give him strength of forbearance n the zeal of my illuminations so that he can wipe away his  darkness of soul,his  extreme nudity by my caring profoundness…..

      I learnt a lesson while shaping ugly things magnificient…..you too learn to be human first…..!!! Be an epitome of your class not a coward who hibernates during crisis hours….

      In anticipation of your boldness someday……



      Scent of ” Him”

      My man is the most beautiful possession, I have in my life.His incessant love for me is like crest n trough of waves encompassing my soul engrossing me with magnetic fascination.The more I see him ,the more I crave to see him .

      My love for him sways me off my feet .I love his charisma of intelligence,his dark deep seeded floating pair of eyes,his magnetic pull,his sexy  dark skin ,handsomeness to the power infinity and last but not least his male baritone which numbs me off my senses.

      He intricately watches me,he mugss up my habits and attitude.He stares me latently ….He knows me in and out……He is my lover ,my mentor ,my bosom and my guide. 

      He is my close confidante  who can infuse life in me ,calm me down  and shoothe me to the core.I am serene ,beautiful n composed because of him…..
      His journey into my heart is blissfull,just heavenly ….I feel myself so fortunate to be touched by him in every aspect….and cherish his presence in my life……..

      He infuses a different kind of zeal ,a powerful presence,in my life.

      He could make me do anything as I am completely under the cast of magic spell of his macho persona….. Smell of lavender ,gardenia,variety of roses,Jasmine And everything reminds me of him…..

      The objective of my sustenance is” Him”,as I know not anything apart from him……

      He is vague ,a fragrance ,a scent which has abstractly diffused in my corpuscles……,I relate to him with the blow of breeze,the smell of cigerrette,the smell of masculine fragrance,the flowery aroma,everything that shoothes my nervous system imbibing “HIM” in the olfactory nerves to my corpuscles,blood n subatomic particles…..

      He is virtual…..his presence is virtual his idea of being is virtual n elusive yet magnetic n charming….He is not there…..his smell is persistant n fresh amidst of virtuality………so as the “god” is virtual ,He too is in virtual world only real  in the temple of my soul……….