Unanswered prayers,frustrations of being unloved,destiny and loss of childhood love un-nerved her.

She ceased to eat,rejoice and love slowly turning into rock ,hurt to the core.

Will he respond her telepathic call of distress? Will it reach him?She is in desperation. 

He cheated her and living his own life.She is dying a slow death.She is suffering from acute anemia.She has lost all interest and hope of survival. She has picked herself up several times he has cheated and distanced himself.

She waited for his return,but this time things are not at all falling to place.She is panickstricken and silently suffering her cruel fate.

How would she continue her life ‘s journey?Who would pick her up and gather her scatteted pieces?She had her mom and sister beside her.But she needed him.Previously her distress call of suffocation for him ,seeking him desperately would shook his static attitude and make him either rush to her or call her up to know how she was, from whichever part of the world he was in.Everything was so much connected. Here she would gasp for breath there he would go restless.Here she would be in utter despair,there he would seek her for a tight embrace .Here she would moan his name ,there he would be in tears missing her utmost .

But all of a sudden all those telepathy evaporated.She was so sick,needed him so very much but no ray of telepathy now unnerves or makes him restless for her.Not even a song of Manisha koirala,(whom he used to compare her) or Shahrukh khan in Tv channels (whom she used to compare him with)shook him!!!! He even did not have any impact by seeing the  places they both visited or the food they both took in the snaps posted in facebook….nothing at all!How even deep seeded feelings leading to telepathy diminishes to zilch day after day!!!

They were really supporting her to live and thrive. Her scattered broken pieces of soul restless to leave and bid adieu to the world.

Telepathy is a feeling,a connection and synchronization from heart to heart.Very few people whose love are soulful can experience the process of soulful telepathy, for which there should be soulful connections and unflinching trust and love.Even once when he was disloyal to her,her strong intuitions telepathied her of his deeds.She could feel a worst kind a palpitations in her heart.

When the connection and bondage would disintegrate there would be no telepathy anymore. Telepathy would get fainter ,he would  not at all get her vibes of  her distress call. Love cannot cease to flow,It’s infinite!!!Why deep seeded telepathic signals ends up? Does original love for each other ceases? 

#telepathy #bonobology #relationships


Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

6 thoughts on “Telepathy”

  1. when life has come to this stage, a final decision must be made with immediate effect, either it is a wrong or right decision, one must do it. Whichever way it will turn out later on, if it was wrong, there is no shame in correcting what has been wrong. At least she gave him his “one way ticket, no return.” And that means she meant it that she made it over hundred per cent more than he made her suffer. And when he would turn back and realise his doings, she will be on a journey and has left the round about and be well on her way. once you leave a man, never return to him, and promise yourself!

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