If you believe in miracles,telepathy and sixth sense…..

Miracles often happen and I do believe in that supernatural potency of that super power Almighty!Science might not be able to aptly answer about miracles,telepathy,sixthsense but these all really exist.

Urban people might laugh it out loud and discard all meagre supporting logic.Rurality does not need logic ,they all go together with the flow…..

There are few instances and perceptions

If you believe your soul,you get vibes and lo!!! It happens.Just you need to believe the most incredible!

If your belief is firm,if you love to that deep extent things would not take fractions of seconds for transmission even if you are poles apart,separated ,segregated and not connected for years and months.The body,neurotransmitters, the pitutary gland ,the hypothalamus, the cells ,the neurons and the cell sap all would sync to render you messages like a messiah ,god sent angel conspired to turn your beliefs true and real.

But the feelings should and must be genuine and deep seated for each other.

Mostly we have that rhythmic tuning with our blood related ones ,the most of all with mommy,then daddy,grand parents,sibling or children.Our lovers or spouses are not blood related though initially but if we have a genuine deep feelings the sixth sense,the telepathy and miracles will all be exceptionally active and come to effect.We cam say they are target oriented.we have to feel that deep for that specific person emotionally.

I once heard from some strangers while discussing effects of miracles on a train journey.One of them said ,when her mother was dying ,she got the telepathy in the form of sudden hail storm,darkness and restlessness whole night.Few friends said they get the telepathy in the form of intutions about their offsprings.Some said they get some signals in dreams too!!!

  • Some says ,they feel telepathy through a kind of evil negative effect atleast for a couple of days in the form of vibes as if some warning of misfortune.There are many such instances in all of our lives.If we sit with pen and paper atleast ten points can easily be scribbled by every individual.Do not confuse it with co-incidents,as they too are small bit part of a gigantic miracle which remains abstract.

Yes I do agree, that miracles do occur..once I was in severe pain, which made me thrive in disharmony and made me untamed and I was submitting to a slow death inch by inch out of emotional voidness and loneliness.All of a sudden I got a call from someone so close who not only could fill up the void crevices of my soul but could also infuse the energy to live ,love and imbibe life to the fullest whole heartedly.

combatted the negative energies and came out without a bruise .

We are not only connected strongly with all living things ,even we are connected to all nonliving things as well.For such supernatural things to happen you have to be that sensitive to feel .Every seconds we are blessed with miracles ,we are sent messages directly from that Almighty ,the whole system of our body is in synchronization with the biotic and abiotic factors ,receiving and sending signs ,imbibing and releasing signals.We need to pick them and recognize them and thank the Almighty. If your heart and soul can pick up those supernatural signals you feel that you are very close to the Almighty.For that you should have clarity in your soul.The soul should not be under any confinement of narrow ideologies.

There are rays sent to us from every nook and corner of the vast universe.We need ample leisure to concentrate and think about it and then grab those signals might be in bits .As we are  connected to our relatives kiths and kins some or the other way ,the same way we are part of a cycle as Krishna showed to Arjuna while showing him his” viswaroop” in Gita.

We have a connection deep rooted with whom we love intensely .we have connections with everything existing in this universe some or the other way lesser or greater depending on how we take things soulfully.Even enimity is also a connection as friendship is!!The greatest of enemies sometimes are best of friends at some point of life.

Believe and it would surely happen,if your faith stays unadulterated ofcourse and you don’t have narrowness of heart ,mind and soul.

Stay human  first ,help others.Remove all complexities of soul’s shallow narrowness.


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Advice always don’t fit everyone

A lot of people talk of broad mindedness or adoption of children to the childless woman.

There are many stars who adopted children from orphanages.Angelina Jolie and Sushmita Sen are examples.For them ,it’s quite easy,they have means and money ,though they created by themselves.

Ashiyan was often adviced to adopt as she was childless,alone and lonesome.She didn’t have so called means and money to raise.Moreover tough paperwork made her move away from all such things.Even if she meets all these issues somehow she has a unknown sharp piercing pain in her heart.

The pain was not so much of not being mother.If you all want to know her difficulty you have to think hard and ponder putting yourself in her place.

She was allured to marry by a guy at the age of twenty-two after seeing each other for just a couple of months.Though it was so called” love marriage” her marriage was not consummated.She was given some or the other excuses day by day.She could not just think in her dreams that the guy would have some problem.She always allegated herself and questioned her own  feminity .She gradually fell ill and she was accused by him and her inlaws challenging her feminity. Gradually as she was aging ,she had all that wisdom which she had not earlier .Experience leaded her to a conclusion.She use to think that guy is next to god as he leaves her every night at ease during her younger days when she was extremely sick.But as days passed by ,he started being abusive and tortorous.He would not touch to beat her up or thrash her or love her but he would injure her with filth of verbal expressions.

She was feeling strangulated.She wanted an escape out of filth but she had nothing to do so.She had no one to be secure. She was penniless and highly helpless.She was classy ,subdued and mum.She could not come in terms with anything and everything.She wasn’t dashy or had that killer attitude.

She couldn’t share the society who would not believe her points at all.There was no one to step forefront and add a day of joy to her parched life.Even some grasses or thorns grow in desert during rains but she was mentally ,physically agonised and parched nearing to numbness .

Initially she kept mum about his debilities as she thought she herself was severely sick,secondly when she explored out the reality ,she feared if he kills himself out of trauma,so she dumbed herself deliberately.But when he went on oozing filth without reason every now and then she started moving to a state of hopelessness ,desperation,fear eventually sick and hugged deliberate depression segregating herself away from society and completely cornered herself.

She was often accused of her disabled feminity calling names and filth.If she ever retialated she was shut up by louder traumatised high voltage drama playing victim card quite smoothly oozing out filth.

She wanted an escape….she tried reaching every relatives,no one cared.She was away from all the practicalities and norms of the present scenario as she detached herself completely from everything. Nothing mattered her.

She laid down sad and expressionless day after night,night after day.Sometimes some unavoidable situations would make her plastic smile cover up every tough situation.

She would go on seeking her silver lining amidst of cloud.Fifteen long years passed and she did not find any solace ,still waiting for her day….awaiting soul ,awaiting blessings…..

She could not adopt,she wanted to feel each day how every new day marriage changes a woman’s life.She felt her life a curse.She started admonishing herself.She wanted to feel the sweet bondage of marriage step by step so that she could prepare herself even for adoption.What would she do with the child when she herself is in such a vulnerable state of  mental disbalance?

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Unanswered prayers,frustrations of being unloved,destiny and loss of childhood love un-nerved her.

She ceased to eat,rejoice and love slowly turning into rock ,hurt to the core.

Will he respond her telepathic call of distress? Will it reach him?She is in desperation. 

He cheated her and living his own life.She is dying a slow death.She is suffering from acute anemia.She has lost all interest and hope of survival. She has picked herself up several times he has cheated and distanced himself.

She waited for his return,but this time things are not at all falling to place.She is panickstricken and silently suffering her cruel fate.

How would she continue her life ‘s journey?Who would pick her up and gather her scatteted pieces?She had her mom and sister beside her.But she needed him.Previously her distress call of suffocation for him ,seeking him desperately would shook his static attitude and make him either rush to her or call her up to know how she was, from whichever part of the world he was in.Everything was so much connected. Here she would gasp for breath there he would go restless.Here she would be in utter despair,there he would seek her for a tight embrace .Here she would moan his name ,there he would be in tears missing her utmost .

But all of a sudden all those telepathy evaporated.She was so sick,needed him so very much but no ray of telepathy now unnerves or makes him restless for her.Not even a song of Manisha koirala,(whom he used to compare her) or Shahrukh khan in Tv channels (whom she used to compare him with)shook him!!!! He even did not have any impact by seeing the  places they both visited or the food they both took in the snaps posted in facebook….nothing at all!How even deep seeded feelings leading to telepathy diminishes to zilch day after day!!!

They were really supporting her to live and thrive. Her scattered broken pieces of soul restless to leave and bid adieu to the world.

Telepathy is a feeling,a connection and synchronization from heart to heart.Very few people whose love are soulful can experience the process of soulful telepathy, for which there should be soulful connections and unflinching trust and love.Even once when he was disloyal to her,her strong intuitions telepathied her of his deeds.She could feel a worst kind a palpitations in her heart.

When the connection and bondage would disintegrate there would be no telepathy anymore. Telepathy would get fainter ,he would  not at all get her vibes of  her distress call. Love cannot cease to flow,It’s infinite!!!Why deep seeded telepathic signals ends up? Does original love for each other ceases? 

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