My venomous mentor

Some snaky ,deceitful mentor who didn’t shape her to creation but ripped her heart apart  towards her ultimate destruction,making it difficult for her to  breathe normally. She declares funeral of that mentor in her soul slowly, fading away all  his fake memories,  reinstating those fake love vouches which were once so  true to falsehood  permanently in heart ,mind ,soul ,bones and blood,as it is proved by his actions and deeds. All dreams knitted together turned  to hideous phantasma,and at last she writes obituatory of the living mentor in facebook proclaiming his death inspite of the fact he is living …… Such was the extent of her heartache!!!

What do you say about this guys? Can you feel the extent of heartache!!! Anyone please do comment.

#heartburn #obituary #heartbreak


Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

13 thoughts on “My venomous mentor”

  1. I can feel the extent of the heartbreak too. I thought there’s been a physical death at first.
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