My venomous mentor

Some snaky ,deceitful mentor who didn’t shape her to creation but ripped her heart apart  towards her ultimate destruction,making it difficult for her to  breathe normally. She declares funeral of that mentor in her soul slowly, fading away all  his fake memories,  reinstating those fake love vouches which were once so  true to falsehood  permanently in heart ,mind ,soul ,bones and blood,as it is proved by his actions and deeds. All dreams knitted together turned  to hideous phantasma,and at last she writes obituatory of the living mentor in facebook proclaiming his death inspite of the fact he is living …… Such was the extent of her heartache!!!

What do you say about this guys? Can you feel the extent of heartache!!! Anyone please do comment.

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 When,Mirror images are the biggest foe

  • Sometimes those who made you ,created you , becomes the hard diabolic enemy to bring your complete anhilations ,so that you are hurt to the core ,aggrieved ,vulnerable and seek their support and you become the puppet in their hands out of adverse circumstances of a tremendous deserted feeling and they pull and push your string according to their whimsical will.

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  • DO NOT GET SURPRISED……If you are not facing might be someone else is facing.So without passing your judgement just try and place yourself in that same situation,you will not get surprised.These persons could be your very close ones. Today’s materialistic world you do have a tough competition and fight your day to day survival even with your closest parts.Again I say do not get surprised when I say ,those people might be  :-

  1. Your Parents : (for fulfilling their needs they might or extract you for other siblings as per their request or order moving  far away from reality ,exploit to the brim.)
  2. Your own Siblings:  ( extreme envy,materialistic ideology, Property,Pshychological issues,to belittle and crush the existing image of the so called victim ,establishing own supremacy)
  3. Your Friends : (Friendship is just showy purpose for them ,no internal touch in between them,actually they hate each other  utmost profoundly, chamouflaging “oh what happened!!!”as if care is deep seeded and infinite but in reality what has mishappened is greatly rejoiced in the heart of hearts by them with a hush hush giggle)
  4. Relatives,kiths and kins : (Always they keep their face swollen up, with wretched smile ,cunningly bitching this and that ,mostly seeks gossips about own family members and spread rumours to outside gossipmongers out of devilish attitude of grabbing an innocent prey who is helplessly trapped in a grave situation.They are usually dead during need but superactive during maligning and tarnishing image feeding their cruel soul)
  5. Your husband or boy friend: They too leave no stone unturned to injure you mentally,trodding your dreams and aspirations nullifying your value.

Your own children:    Of course if you have them (  for property,  due to aging ugliness,burdensome life ,  take them as unwanted , garbage ,filth disrupting life.  Burdensome responsibility fulfilled in irresponsible ways and it goes on and on…….)

Please comment your feelings about it.