Prayer ,River and pyre

Hello everyone,This is quite an intense thought of a woman, whose life is full of sufferings and obstacles..In these lines she is reciprocating  to her inner self .She is in confused state of mind and waiting for an eternel bliss in the form of cold water which would heal her burning body and soul,and offer “Moksha”(salvation)from her deadly sufferings. Her burning smoky heart has turned already to ashes and fumes, out of terrible bitter tortures of the world.She had been in darkest of the dungeons doing nothing but pray for decades,years and months. She talks to her soul about the last ritual to be conducted by distant relatives when she passes away and pray to mother Ganga to provide her sereneness,tranquility and redeem her from all sufferings of life- death cycle .Her life had been under such turmoil of ghastly pathetic occurances that she even wants to soothe her lifeless agonised body and soul  drenching herself with the holy water of Ganga so that her renaissance purges her towards “moksha” All the curse evaporates to welcome her to heaven in bliss……

.Om shanti,om shanti,om shanti……….
                     PRAYER PYRE

                        PRAYER RIVER

Ganga, flood me,wash me,purge me with your calm coldness and keep me afloat in your waves ,for time immortal …..

For I burn like charred, withered dry leaves inside ,so that my renaissance ,my Ganga  sublimes me  sure ,without denial………….

For I seek and pray to offer myself in the “maya” of your waves ,but don’t desire for the pyre set ablaze, my morbid body in my funeral…..

Hindu, by birth still seeks salvation in the watery arms,for I have prayed in scorch  and fire  for my redressal…..(mukti)
Rain ,mist,dew ,snow flakes ,glaciers freeze  me to embed me in the river bed,for a peaceful renewel………

For throw me not over the pyre,burning me ,even if I am dead,for my soul wants to dive in your divine water pacifying me to the ethereal……….. 



Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

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