Sources of inspiration,my experience in wordpress…..

I have gone through lots of ups and downs of life and now I do think of penning down my experience about something which is perturbing me immensely making me restless till I write in my blog at wordpress….This is the immense insanity or impatience,or the kick or the passion which creates a” lil kinda” writer in me…..Teary eyed we start writing raining from droplets to shower from heavily clouded eyes,picking up our inspiration so that we can compose,meditate and have peace.

Artist , creators, who showcase their creativity,a writer or whoever is so called” great men or women,” has  few things of intense inspirations  in them  which they write and which I feel to share with you all and  take the pleasure of sharing.When I go through different writer’s blogs of wordpress I am awestruck to find such!!!!

They are inspired extremely by the beauty of nature,might be nature loving 
 Thay are inspired from their day to day  sufferings .They have suffered so much in life ,and are so much illtreated by the society ,by their fellow beings that they find solace from the plight of their sufferings in wordpress, writing their own experiences,seeking  n finding like minded ones,who does not hurt but pulls you out of such situations.Heart break inspire to write,those who had fresh breakups  have  their wounds bleeding and are in terrible need for healing up.A sufferer of chronic disease,fatal disease as well as narrow minded or selfish ,harsh society which creates negative ambience for that person to survive .Such people get inspiration to write from harshness.

Sensitive ,emotional natured soft hearted people who are vulnerable to plights n trauma of  cruel ,smart ,sly people get injured easily and are cornered ,finds peace of mind writing blogs to sustain the process of breathing and gets inspiration from their  adverse situation…

Inspiration from death or separation of a loved or dear one ,the irreparable loss from where its very difficult to come out…

Some people are very much insane for their passions ,extremely passionate people find inspirations from unbridled passion.

Love ,Romance, devoutee, Soulful,fascination,beauty and extreme unfulfilled cravings, incompleteness, desire,dreams n hopes gives that zeal to write their heart out in wordpress   

  Frustations, creepy feelings ,complexities,fear,insecurity,poverty,unemployment,politics,illfeeling,denouncements,sacrifice and numerous things  to enlist in extreme level can also become inspiration……

 Feelings occuring due to changes in life cycle,feeling of renunciation,difference of past ,present and future, philosophical,religiousness,self -introspection,theory of retrogative progression,regenerative regression,aggression,rebellion,awakening of soul,self-conscience,feeling of extreme guilt or a desire for unification with the soul n the inner soul reaching a level of higher attainment of wisdom n knowledge the higher self all these could be unknowingly your inspiration to write……After writing all these readers I must say without inspiration we cannot write substance,we cannot write soulful.This above picture is of Ramkrishna paramhamsha and his wife Sharada devi.To know about them and their insanity leading to enlightenment ,one has to be truly eccentric.You have to sink deep down to know the roots of everything.Superficially things could be done but it wont have that depthness.So friends whatever you are doing you have to do it in depth,get insane n crazy.If you aint crazy ,You aint doing anything worthy.If you really want to live to the full forget me,myself,mine….broaden your soul,mind ,innerself to that height of sky and depth of sea…..

 I love you wordpress as you make my life simpler and makes me creative instead of pushing me to dark walls where I only use to think of that ,it was the end of life but wordpress was the silver lining at the end of the dark cloud .I do am grateful to my sister who introduced me to wordpress. I also am thankful to all the writers and society of wordpress who always inspired me to move ahead without having any ill feeling. Thankz a lot I am learning from you too. We all have pain,we all are hurt but one has to move ahead constructively with that spirit “lets move on”,shedding all inhibitions “lets live”.



Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

25 thoughts on “Sources of inspiration,my experience in wordpress…..”

  1. Your reasons for loving WP are relatively my own. I love the diversity and the inspiration. Many times I am inspired by others to be honest or funny or heavy or write about something that encourages those whose hearts are heavy. Great post! Thank you! 💝

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    1. Yes,Amy you are so correct…sometimes we ourselves dont suffer but write other’s sufferings in our own way …..We are also inspired by encouragements ….which is the apt word.Thankz Ami for visiting my blog.I am glad.I am worried about Irene too….May she recovers from all kinda pain and be with us soon….wanna hear that very good news from you😀

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      1. The updates are scarce right now. Irene’s daughter had to go home and Irene’s boyfriend does not communicate well. I think it is the language difference. From what I do know Irene is getting better but slowly. She is ALIVE! 🌈💞


  2. I never thought of it, but you are entirely right. It seems WordPress is the place where the true empaths gather, in their vulnerability. We are on a never ending quest and find beauty all around us. We are sensitive to much that other people do not even see. And we hurt like crazy, everything like electricity to the core. I wouldn’t change it for a second! Nice to meet you!

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    1. Thank you so much Diana,you have a terrific style of powerful writing….please carry on as we wanna read more…even here the comment what you have written is worth reading repeatedly and should also be a part of my article…😆💗.I am glad.Thankz a lot once again for going through it….

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      1. Thats what we all want..see we are all unknown but we are so understanding as u say we have that very sensitivity n respect fr each other….but there are people who are so much insensitive.Might be we are not bonded by selfishness thats the reason…😇

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  3. The writing atmosphere of WordPress is definitely an inspirational one. So many amazing bloggers here where people can explore different feelings from various perspectives and diverse minds. Enlightening post that reminds everyone why we all write and learn so much on WordPress!!! ❤❤❤

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  4. A lovely post about gratitude to WORDPRESS!
    I truly had not thought about this before. This just shows your amazing personality, Pearl, being able to give thanks to what many (myself included) take so much for granted.
    thank you for getting my feet back on the ground and appreciating all things given!
    A great website.
    I’m so pleased you found me, because now I found you!
    Kindest regards. Marie.

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    1. Thankz dearir Marie,admiration to this level needs a broad heart…and u r one of them..I really love yr forthcoming attitude n the way you admire opening yr soul n just penning down.People now a days miser enough to hold themselves back!!!😦.I love openness n briadmindedness…thankz dearie Marie,stay blessed n lets celebrate our finding each other..cheers💗

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      1. Thank you so much…Mariam….It’s yr down to the earth nature which makes you feel those magic…I am fortunate to have a friend like you…..luv…….plz send me yr prayers..I need it utmost😆

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