Scent of ” Him”

My man is the most beautiful possession, I have in my life.His incessant love for me is like crest n trough of waves encompassing my soul engrossing me with magnetic fascination.The more I see him ,the more I crave to see him .

My love for him sways me off my feet .I love his charisma of intelligence,his dark deep seeded floating pair of eyes,his magnetic pull,his sexy  dark skin ,handsomeness to the power infinity and last but not least his male baritone which numbs me off my senses.

He intricately watches me,he mugss up my habits and attitude.He stares me latently ….He knows me in and out……He is my lover ,my mentor ,my bosom and my guide. 

He is my close confidante  who can infuse life in me ,calm me down  and shoothe me to the core.I am serene ,beautiful n composed because of him…..
His journey into my heart is blissfull,just heavenly ….I feel myself so fortunate to be touched by him in every aspect….and cherish his presence in my life……..

He infuses a different kind of zeal ,a powerful presence,in my life.

He could make me do anything as I am completely under the cast of magic spell of his macho persona….. Smell of lavender ,gardenia,variety of roses,Jasmine And everything reminds me of him…..

The objective of my sustenance is” Him”,as I know not anything apart from him……

He is vague ,a fragrance ,a scent which has abstractly diffused in my corpuscles……,I relate to him with the blow of breeze,the smell of cigerrette,the smell of masculine fragrance,the flowery aroma,everything that shoothes my nervous system imbibing “HIM” in the olfactory nerves to my corpuscles,blood n subatomic particles…..

He is virtual…..his presence is virtual his idea of being is virtual n elusive yet magnetic n charming….He is not there…..his smell is persistant n fresh amidst of virtuality………so as the “god” is virtual ,He too is in virtual world only real  in the temple of my soul……….


Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

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