Comparisons n healing

My originality  does not fade away,His plasticity does not wither away……How would the two sides of the same river meet?

My truthfullness,honesty n integrity never dessicates,His disloyalty, lies n dishonesty accumulates as high as mountains as deep as oceans…..How would the two sides of the same river meet?

I am as bright as the daylight ,he is as dark as the  “new moon night,”….How would the two sides of the same river meet?

I am ruled n reigned by my soul n conscience,He is empowered n governed by his crafty brain at his ease,…..How would the two different sides of the same coin meet?

I am a “lil” innocent dove (dodo bird)

,he is the sly wolf ready to swallow my gut(love)..How can a greedy hunter be the saviour of it’s prey? 

So heal heal heal…from the agony my heart….let all things be calm,serene ,composed…….n  flash beautiful mirth n glee….


As oyester changes a soil particle to the ever shining white pearl,let me heal n change those who come in my soul…..

May I give him strength of forbearance n the zeal of my illuminations so that he can wipe away his  darkness of soul,his  extreme nudity by my caring profoundness…..

I learnt a lesson while shaping ugly things magnificient… too learn to be human first…..!!! Be an epitome of your class not a coward who hibernates during crisis hours….

In anticipation of your boldness someday……




Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

12 thoughts on “Comparisons n healing”

      1. I’ve been here for less than two months and the richness of composition and honesty are truly heartwarming. People are very encouraging and it’s a wonderful community. So happy to meet you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True, we cd be very frank abt our writing ….we dont have to hide the winged feelings over here….Thats the essence why we feel so comfortable and secured over here writing our soul out…..If they flow spontaneously ,in outbursting manner without effort it would undoubtedly be excellent stuff thats wat I feel…carry on yr outbursts and let us all enjoy them ,learn derieve inspiration …thankz 💗

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