Women and Rurality

Women of rural places , though educated and have a brain ,choice and feelings of their own could not escape clutches of society easily,as in European countries and some urban cities.They are questioned about each and everything. Rurality is a bane not a boon sometimes so is conservative ideas of society.

Some societies are conservative in nature and are very criminal minded.

The girl knows if she moves out of the house alone in order to do something worth instead of rusting herself amidst four walls of a room,she would be looked down and face allegations .She hesitates hearing about routine incidents that might happen to her.  Whenever she switches on the television she would always hear about rape,acidattack,molestations,sexual abuse and many more unending things which have increased manifolds in recent time

Some people have odd mindset about women..They themselves would cloister their women and make them stagnate in the house but would stare other women as materialistic pleasure…..

Every women isn’t like that….some are women of substance.They behave differently and they could even be different in every aspect .Its very difficult for a woman to rust oneself and do not voice her feelings when she is capable of positive change.

Women of respectable families who have a say but are suprassed by circumstances and society could not ever come out with their plights .

If they do so they are branded as ” wrong kind a woman” or called slangs which is very derogatory and undignified.

Dignity and respect what women seek ,nothing more than that.Yes they need a secured life so that they can live fearlessly away from the chauvinistic society of creepy or brute predeators.

Women are expected not to voice anything ,just go on tolerating making her life a hell ,as that would bring good name to the family in society…..

Many women suffer but few come out with their problems …They are not that self sufficient or powerful enough to fight the male dominated society.(naturally they are created less powerful than men),eventhough they have higher forbearance……

She should not ask for freedom,she should not voice her feelings,she should not live her life on her own terms,she should not stand on her own feet,she should not explode her plights,she should not breathe……….without permission.



Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

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