Nest of Terrorism

People are so excited about India Pak cricket match.A lot of speculations,discussions are going on constantly.News channels deluging with great players and anchors discussing off field on field feelings and excitements.How each player were motivated by the other one  across the  borderline!!! 

Same with movies, singers,actors and the list is endless 😇…Pak and India engaged in tremendous exchange of merits and culture…..

Terrorism has its roots in Pak,everyone knows.India is victimised by the terrorists everyday.Violence erupted at the kashmir valley and now has become  the crater of a volcano……..Army and police are ambushed and killed by savagely mutilating their face and body often.

Teenegers,schoolgoers are brainwashed in the name of religion to stone pelt and join the terrorist group sabotaging peace and prosperity of Kashmir….

Inhuman tortures and cowardly inhuman acts ,nurturing terrorist Pakistan is engaged into….It is the safe nest for the terrorists to function and carry out their savage plans waging proxy war like cowards….

Some of the countries  like U.S.A and China funding or has earlier funded the country without discrimination just to spread terrorism in the name of development of the nation….!!! Hope not so deliberately….but have some interest though….

Knowing everything they remain mum on the issue saying that’s a bilateral issue and they wont interfere earlier as well as at present too….

Its a human right issue too….Why are they funding Pakistan to nurture diabolic terrorism???

Terrorism is the issue the whole world is suffering from and they are supporting their abode of terrorism ie Pakistan!!!

Why human rights association do not intervene when everyday people are brutally killed without any reason? 

Why Pak is not boycotted by the total world community from everything so that democracy is saved? Dont they know that all the power lies in the hands of army and democracy is mere puppet show rickety and frightening….

We are all here to establish peace not sabotage it…so world community please come together and stand hand in hand to fight against terrorism.

“Peace can be achieved through dialogue”, is what every leaders say and go, right from U.N to each powerful country leaders,when they know the ground reality.Everything changed ,decades passed by but the dastardly and inhuman proxy war in the name of religion still goes on…

If Pak army is nourishing the poisonous snakes of terrorism in their burrows,their venom would spread in their own blood too….right???? All the world community and country be alert ,awake and strive to establish peace…

Now the time has come to act,if not now it would be never….The burning splinters of terrorism would not leave a single country untouched …..!!!! 

How do we all feel seeing the sufferings of Syria…our heart laments in agony..we feel so helpless being human beings seeing those file pictures of children ,women, men suffering the never healing wounds physically as well as mentally……Are we happy being human????? Stop before its too late… human wants to see blood shed of their fellow beings….



Author: blindloveweb

free birdie,very much mundane but very much humane....writes my emotions impersonating sufferings and minute details of the rarest of feelings

11 thoughts on “Nest of Terrorism”

  1. Urge of being super power we had world wars!! Now because of terrorism those who are supporting them and country indirectly or directly involved in it are forgetting if it is not stopped than the day is not far when everything is destroyed for what they are fighting for!!

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  2. Terrorism is tearing through the world in one form or the other . Pakistan has become terror nursing garden and the victim is India. You have explained well the situation Great . Thanks for going through my blog.

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    1. Thank u so much Brij jee…You are so kind ….I am not an inch of grass infront of your rich vocabulary and the way you put on things.Thatzz so nice to praise…you are so grounded.


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