Marriages of differences….intercaste,inter-religion etc

  • Marriage is a contract,a limitation ,a treaty whereas love isn’t.There are lot of instances when people have to negotiate, sacrifice to  keep their marriage intact in every sense as there are lot of people from different diversity,caste ,community   and religion.Majority are very conservative and goes hush hush about keeping marriage intact.At present scenario there are more intermingling  marriages and people are adapting very well. Children are adapting and growing in a mix culture and various new things are imbibed by them along with their genetic constitutions.They learn a mixture of cultures associated as well as grow a greater sense of adaptibility and tolerance along wth additional languages.Apart from that those children are very different in their behavioural pattern. Intercaste ,inter religion,intercontinents ,intercountries etc marriages are not so easy as it seems in deeper sense.It’s a nightmare for those  couples who are poles apart in their ideologies,upbringing,educational background,ethnicity,race habit and culture.They dont stand up to each other’s expectation. They move with the burden of untogetherness inspite of being a couple ,a burdensome life in their heart of hearts but merely act out to the world merrymaking in love alwayz couple. They suffer huge within not able to disclose the uneasiness in themselves.Neither  his or her partner nor the kid satisfy each other’s expectations of dream qualities they have set as bench marks in their mind.They remain unsatisfied,low and frustrated and injured within by  each other’s behabiour or mannerisms  which they had adorned and infused in their heart   ideal about their partner or kid .Things between them are always haphazard and hold lot of latent grudges which are inexplicable and complex. They remain  very much unsettled with restlessness cursing one’s destiny constantly leadig to a condition of a lonely sufferer of the figments of ones imagination of a life partner and kids. No one can break the idol he or she has created about them ,which is unfeasable indeed ,so for them ,life has to offer something in contrast drowning all the qualities deep inside in thoughts restored and unfulfiled ,unsatisfied,thirsty and lonely.
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Mind n soul


Dont ask me for  the sake of askin n formality How I Am? Dont show for mere showcasing your concern for me for I hate those things of brain, trying to gain sympathy,an attitude for becoming famous ,most talked and discussed about..If you really and genuinely care for me ,come into my soul ,immerse your feelings in mine..let me live the seconds left .Let me enjoy my moments for humans are mortal..Let me breathe you, live you as If nothing exist but only you ,let me feel u ,who knows I might rejuvinate and resurrect from all my fears,misfortunes,wrinkles illusions of darkness!!!Be my that empathiser be my that life which gives me immense pleasure like heaven.I know, but your intention towards me is selfishness to the utmost level.You cannot love as you love the selfishness around you.I am as if asking life from the dead,illuminations from the darkest of dungeons,spirituality from the most notorious moron.

If you are complex,hypocrite and selfish you cannot love anyone.If you only can love your own  ones and not the entire mankind,creatures you cannot love.Love does not follow reservations,limitations ,rules and regulations at your ease.

I love like a rivulet ,I giggle like a flower,I fly like a bird and swim like a fish.There’s no limitation of feelings for me.I have learnt to burn like a candle without a hesitation.

For loving me you have to touch that very depth and height for I again say If you are drowned in self complacency of ego,selfishness , I would not leave my principle and suprass my ferari mind of selfintrospection.

For peace of soul leads to peace of mind.Nourishing peace to the soul engulfs all your aches and injuries leading to peace of mind which is quintessential part of surviving and which is so elusive!!!

Celebrating one self ,considering yourself very much important from your own perspective sitting alone like a “solitary reaper” could bring back the lost confidence  which you have lost due to a great derogatory behabiour or deliberate insultation to demean you which most of the human does to their fellow beings.


Sweet n sour lemonade

                    He took me to the corner seat of a restaurant ,eased me.Took my warm hands ,whispered myriads of things.He fetched me lemonade sweet and sour which we interchanged often. We went on sipping almost imbibing each other in our corpuscles.I gifted him a raw mango and a lemon which I carried for him from kolkata to Bangalore. His eyes deluged in briny water which I thought to kiss and drink but it was  a public place.Oh god!!!oops , we Indian girls have to keep our original emotions at a bay even though our heart sinks down.It was a meeting after two full years only for an hour and I wanted to use every bit and inch of it.He said”You care for such small things and people who are there in my life let big things pass by without any zilch of feelings”!!!. I was sure he loves me the most.I wanted to cling him by his fist ,never let him go.I went on staring him but not a single second  he stared back to reciprocate me.Other people he was referring to his wife whom he say he has married due to compulsion and I was his childhood love whom he dropped as an option whenever he wished.I could think nothing beyond him.I was  in the era of Radha and krishna the blind unflinching love.All was just a magnificient dream which passed in a short span. we were both in our own domain exchanging not even a phone  call ….huh!!!Yeah the same one who use to say………”You are my oxygen”!!!! 

He has settled himself fully with those whom he showed he admonished so much that even his emails and phone numbers had both of their and son’s  birthdates5724.Such is the height of his fake love…